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May 27 2023News

Behind the scenes at Crisp

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Crisp employees begin and end the day? Our days can be fast-paced and often demanding, with a variety of tasks to complete throughout the day. First we…

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May 23 2023News

How Crisp survived the pandemic…

Despite the challenges that came with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Crisp has always remained loyal to its customers, throughout these unprecedented circumstances. But how did we persevere through this pandemic? Over time, Covid-19 lockdowns…

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August 04 2019News

A Winter Potato & Leek Soup.

A hearty and warm soup is always a winter favourite. It is the perfect way to nourish and warm the body during those cold winter evenings and this recipe for potato and leek soup…

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February 24 2019News

Our Full Range of Chomp Products

Snack Pots Bircher Muesli & Mixed Berries Yoghurt & Toasted Muesli Cacao & Honey Chia Pudding Free Range Eggs & Spinach Free Range Dukkah Eggs & Spinach Edamame Pods Falafel & Spiced Tahini Dip…

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