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May 23 2023News

How Crisp survived the pandemic…

Despite the challenges that came with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Crisp has always remained loyal to its customers, throughout these unprecedented circumstances. But how did we persevere through this pandemic?

Over time, Covid-19 lockdowns posed operational challenges, forcing us to temporarily close. This caused disarray amongst our community, with our regulars expressing their disappointment when we could no longer provide them with the salads they craved.

However, upon lifting the final restrictions, we opened our doors again, ready to welcome every customer. While our challenges appeared to be over, we were soon faced with the aftermath of countless and lengthy lockdowns.

Regardless of the constant challenges over the previous two years, our determination over this time period remained consistent, pushing us as a team to bring you the fresh food you look forward to every single day. With your support, we persevered and regained our place amongst Melbourne’s fresh food community.

That being said, we are very pleased to announce the beginning of our new chapter, an improved yet familiar salad bar, located in the contemporary ‘Collins Place’. This store is a constant reminder of all we experienced throughout the pandemic, all the challenges and the disruptions and most importantly all the support we received from you. We appreciate you, every single day for the love and support you give us and we hope to see you visit our new location, at Collins Place, in the Melbourne CBD.

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