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February 24 2019News

Our Full Range of Chomp Products

Snack Pots

Snack Pot

Bircher Muesli & Mixed Berries

Yoghurt & Toasted Muesli

Cacao & Honey Chia Pudding

Free Range Eggs & Spinach

Free Range Dukkah Eggs & Spinach

Edamame Pods

Falafel & Spiced Tahini Dip

Cucumber Sticks & Spiced Tahini Dip


Rock Melon


Modern Caesar

Pulled Pork Tortilla

Quinoa Chicken

Superfood Detox


The Cuban

Pulled BBQ Prok

Smashed free range egg & Spring Onion

Free Range Chicken & Herb Mayo

Tortilla Wraps

Free Range

Chicken & Mayo

Tuna& Lettuce

Smoked free range ham & cheese

Free range egg & bacon

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