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May 05 2019News

A New Sustainable Way to Experience Crisp.

You asked, we listened! After a long search, and a lot of research we can finally introduce our new, more sustainable system for eating at Crisp. Introducing our new reusable packaging brought you by ReturnR.

We have been on the search for an environmentally friendly solution to our single use packaging for quite a while. Trying to find something that allowed our environmentally conscious customers to still enjoy their favourites lunches without creating any unwanted waste. We wanted to find an initiative that not only supplied recyclable or biodegradable packaging options, but something that encouraged complete reusability. ReturnR allows us to offer our customers that complete control over their packaging footprint. Without the fuss or difficulty in recycling the packaging properly, or the poor quality some eco packaging has, diminishing the customer experience.

So who is ReturnR and how does it work?

ReturnR is an environmental initiative aimed at replacing single use takeaway packaging with a reusable solution. Partnering with cafes, the ReturnR system allows you to request your food in a reusable container, paying only a small deposit with the cost of your meal. After you have finished your food, simply rinse the bowl, and reuse it next time or return it to any participating retailer in the network for a full refund of your deposit. It’s a simple to use system with complete transparency. Allowing customers control over their packaging footprint from start to end.

At Crisp, you can now choose to have your salad served in a ReturnR Bowl, paying a small $5 deposit at the counter. Eat in and return the bowl straight away, or take your salad away and return the bowl tomorrow, next week, or next month. If you’re a Crisp regular simply bring your bowl back daily to reuse the ReturnR bowl every time you eat. Not a regular? Then bring the bowl back at any time to reuse the system or simply return the bowl and receive the deposit back. It’s fuss free, it’s easy and super convenient. Plus it’s a completely transparent system with no hidden charges, clauses or catches and is 100% great for the environment.

Visit the ReturnR website to see all participating venue partners, and to read more about the initiative.






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