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May 27 2023News

Behind the scenes at Crisp

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Crisp employees begin and end the day?

Our days can be fast-paced and often demanding, with a variety of tasks to complete throughout the day.

First we receive our deliveries. Fresh food is delivered to our stores across the city five days a week. We prep the ingredients, clean and organise, all the while watching the clock because once midday comes along there’ll be no more prep, it’s all about customers!

Our first orders are usually big catering orders, which are made fresh and then delivered to the offices around town.

Then the lunch rush starts at 12 and doesn’t stop until 2pm. It’s intense; we work as a well oiled machine, making hundreds of salads in that two hour window. But it’s fun too, we have a great team and we love seeing our regulars.

In between the late orders we clean and tidy and prepare the shop for close.

Overall, a day in the life of a Crisp worker is busy and active, however it is equally as rewarding and the time flies.

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