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February 24 2019News

Our Full Range of Chomp Products

Snack Pots Bircher Muesli & Mixed Berries Yoghurt & Toasted Muesli Cacao & Honey Chia Pudding Free Range Eggs & Spinach Free Range Dukkah Eggs & Spinach Edamame Pods Falafel & Spiced Tahini Dip…

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December 28 2018News

Beetroot Summer Salad

Salads are the perfect accompaniment to any summer meal, especially those summer BBQ’s. But the classic lettuce, tomato, cucumber combination can become overly boring over time and become a tiresome addition to the lunch…

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October 28 2018News

Our Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Life is all about balance and enjoying a balanced lifestyle of exercise, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as life’s indulgences, including chocolate chip cookies being one of them. Our nutty chocolate chip cookies…

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