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October 29 2017News

The Crisp Cleanse

Want to eat better? Or, need some help to get back into a healthy balance again?

Then Crisp is here to help! We have a no stress, no fuss solution to eating. It’s called the Crisp Cleanse, and it is here to help you eat healthier and more regularly, so your body can get the fuel it needs!

There are two types of Crisp Cleanses. The first is the a day card which includes a healthy breakfast, delicious lunch and nutritious snack or smoothie all for $25. The second, is the Crisp Week. Where over one or two weeks, you can enjoy 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 delicious smoothies or snack options, all for the amazing price of $99. This is a huge saving, and a great way to ensure that you are eating nutritious and delicious meals throughout your day without the stress of cooking, or preparing it yourself.

How does it work exactly?

Simply come in store, to any of our 5 locations and sign up with one of our friendly staff members. The Crisp Week can be used over a 2 week period. So whether you would like to use it every day for the entire week, or mix it up over a fortnight- the choice is yours.

Plus, you get the entire menu at your fingertips completely prepaid for. So you can either mix and match your own creations, or choose from our list of pre-designed flavour combinations. There are no hidden costs, or tricky terms and conditions, to navigate. Simply pick and choose what your stomach desires.

Visit any of our 5 locations to sign up and kick start your health this week!

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