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June 23 2017News

Meet Natasha Kusen

Meet Tash Kusen, a professional ballerina with the Australian Ballet and a self professed brunch lover. She joined the Australian Ballet Company in 2003 and since been travelling Australia and the world performing exquisite contemporary and traditional ballets with the company.Every year dancers perform around 200 shows, so naturally on her time off Tash enjoys the simplicity of a lazy brunch, and indulging in her favourite foods.
We sat down with a pair of strong lattes and discussed all things brunch, food and dance.
Here’s what Tash had to say about her love for food, and her everlasting passion for dance.

When did you start dancing?

I started dancing at age 4. I remember my mum making me wear a spencer under my leotard during the winter. My ballet school was in an old church hall, it was so picturesque with tall ceilings, timber floors, stained glass windows but very drafty. I was so embarrassed but then the next week everyone jumped on the spencer trend, so I guess mums always knows best.

So far in your career what is your favourite memory? What is your favourite ballet to perform?

I love the overseas touring that comes with this profession. I am so lucky to have danced on so many amazing stages around the world and experience the different cultures through this art form. Dancing in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo are one of the many highlights, (umm… amazing, we can totally understand why!). My favourite ballet to perform is not quite what people think. The tutu ballets are beautiful but I find them so stressful! Hands down I could perform Bella Figura any day, actually any ballet from choreographer Jiri Kylian. It speaks to me the most and I feel most satisfied walking off the stage from one of his ballets. (For those unfamiliar with the Ballet, Bella Figura is a one act ballet that explores the line between man and woman. It is an extremely intimate and daring ballet where dancers are adorned in the most beautiful red silk skirts.)

What does a typical day involve?

On a show day, 10am I start warming up doing Pilates; 11am – 12.15 it’s a ritual daily ballet class; 12.30-3pm rehearsals for upcoming shows; 3pm-5pm it’s Break time! Either rest, eat, nap or Physio treatments, gym/cardio training, running errands, working on my blog (Studio to Street); 5pm- 7.30pm back into the theatre to do my stage make up, last minute costume & shoe checks and a warm up barre 7.30pm- curtain goes up, show time! Around 10pm- I take my make up off, do an ice bucket of my lower legs for recovery and go home. 10.30pm- have a light dinner, shower, sleep…all to repeat the next day!

During rehearsals and performance days, what is your favourite snack to keep you going?

Bananas are quick & easy. But I always try to fit in a muesli bar or some fruit/nuts to keep me going till lunch time.

What is your favourite food? Favourite cuisine or recipe?

I love Japanese cuisine. I always feel so good after it!

On days off what is your favourite café or restaurant to visit?

Mr Miyagi is a favourite for those salmon nori tacos!!!!!

Do you have a typical brunch food go-to?
I love the idea of pancakes but I always choose eggs when I’m brunching out. I’m a sweet and savoury person but I always result to savoury at breakfast. Even if I can’t finish my meal I always have room for dessert. (Ha, so it’s true dessert goes not he heart not the stomach!)

Nutella or Vegemite?

Or geez?! This is a hard one. Vegemite.

Peanut butter or avocado?

Tea or coffee?
Coffee. Always.

Chocolate or lollies?


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