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May 12 2018News

Our Quick + Easy Lentil Dahl

With winter just around the corner and the brisk nights setting in again, it’s time to bring out those winter recipes that are perfect for a cold night in. And our quick and easy Lentil Dahl recipe is perfect to warm up your insides on a cold evening.

You may have seen our Lentil Dahl warm bowl available in store, and  wondered how it’s made. Well this recipe is exactly how our staff make it for you fresh every day and now you can make it from the comfort of your own home too. Dahl for lunch, Dahl for dinner- whatever your preference we’ve got you covered.

Now a Dahl is essentially a mix of lentils, and a mixture of herbs and spices. However, if you don’t have the correct assortment of spices at the ready in your pantry then don’t worry because this Red Lentil Dahl mix by Love Your Earth has everything you need to get going. All you have to do is add water and boil. It is truely that simple.

Gone are the days where making a home cooked curry or Lentil Dahl was palmed into the too-hard-basket because this recipe honestly doesn’t get any easier!


200g pack of love my earth dahl mix

1L of water

1 Small bunch of tuscan Kale

1 cup of brown rice

1 cup of frozen or fresh peas

200g small container of natural yoghurt

Handful of slivered almonds


Pour the 200g packet of Dahl into a medium- large saucepan. Add 1 litre of water to the mixture and bring to the boil. Once the water is boiling, reduce the temperature and simmer until the lentils have changed colour from a bright red to a yellow and have plumped up absorbing the water. Make sure to stir occasionally to ensure lentils are sticking to the bottom of the pot. Once the majority of the liquid is absorbed remove from the heat and cool slightly.

While the Dahl is cooking prepare your rice and vegetables. First, in a separate pot place 1 cup of brown rice to 2 cups of water and bring to the boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat and cook until the rice is plump. (The Dahl and rice should take a similar amount of time to cook so putting them on at the stove top at the same time is a great trick to preparing the meal efficiently).

Alternatively using a rice cooker, or handy little pre-made microwave rice packs, from any major supermarket, are great for those who are time poor.

Next for the vegetables. If you’re using frozen peas, simply pour boiling water over them and leave to sit until the peas have defrosted. If you have extra time simply take them out of the freezer beforehand to defrost naturally. Next wash and cut the stems off the kale bunch and chop into small strip like pieces. Handy tip, cutting the leaves into bit size pieces is best, so each mouthful is not a struggle trying to fit huge chunks of kale in your mouth.

Next it’s time to assemble. Portion out the rice at the bottom and layer with kale and peas. Finish with a generous serve of Dahl, a sprinkle of almonds and a large tablespoon of natural yoghurt on top. For something a little extra, try roasting some extra vegetables. Carrots, sweet potato or potato go really well and help to bulk up the meal if you want extra for tomorrows lunch or want to serve more then two people! This recipe will serve 2 people very generously, we’re all hungry after a long day and this recipe is DELICIOUS. So no judgements here.




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