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September 16 2018recipe of the week

Gluten Free Polenta Chicken Strips

It is almost that time of year again where the weather is sunny enough here in Melbourne to sit outside with friends and family and socialise over great food with great people. So, with BBQ season just around the corner it’s time to whip out those punch bowls, dust off the cob webs on your outdoor furniture and bring back those great simple recipes that are true crowd favourites. So in preparation we have a great one to add to the repertoire that is not only delicious but also gluten free and twist on an already household favourite. Say hello to Polenta Chicken strips.

They are a great addition to any spread, or even as the main event with a fresh salad on the side. With a long weekend on it’s way in Melbourne, for Grand Final day of course, and heaps of sunshine still to come there is no better reason to invite your friends and give this recipe a go. See below for the full ingredients and method but it is super simple, extremely delicious and economical on the hip pocket so you can enjoy more things this sunny season.


6-7 Chicken Tenderloins (one packet)

1.5 Cups of polenta

Half a cup of parmesan

2 eggs

Salt and Pepper

Olive Oil


First prepare the ingredients by placing the polenta, parmesan and a generous twist of salt and pepper in a large shallow bowl. In another separate bowl crack the two eggs and whisk until combined. Next, in  large saucepan pour olive oil until there’s about 2cm in the pan and place on a medium to high heat.

While the oil is heating up prepare the chicken. First place one tenderloin at a time in the egg mixture and coat thoroughly, remove and drain slightly before placing it into the dry mix. Coat the tenderloin thoroughly with the polenta and gently transfer the tenderloin into the hot oil. To ensure the oil is hot enough, the oil should sizzle slightly as it makes contact with the chicken.

Flip the tenderloins onto each side for a couple of minutes to ensure they cook thoroughly straight through and golden evenly. Once cooked and the polenta is a deep golden colour, remove from the hot oil and allow to drain and cool on hand towel to absorb any excess oil.

Once cooled you can serve with a side salad, or simply a generous dollop of some home-made Aioli. If time doesn’t permit for home-made try french brand, Maille Aioli it’s a great alternative to your own home made dipping sauce and is a quality brand with a delicious taste.

Give this recipe a go over the Grand Final long weekend, or perhaps even for one super quick and easy mid-week dinner.


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