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January 05 2018News

Time to get motivated, and get active.

The New Year is always a great time to get outdoors and get active. Not purely to fulfil those New Year resolutions you made at 12.01am, but because with the sun shining and generally smaller work loads during January, it is the perfect time to take some time off on the weekends, or during the week, if you have that luxury, and enjoy the fresh air. There are heaps of great walking trails around Melbourne to try, however if group training and social exercise is more your thing then free walking and running groups are the perfect thing to try this Summer. Organisations such as Park Run and Heart Foundation Australia have a great database of weekly running and walking groups you can join. The courses are usually 5km in length and welcome participants of all fitness levels from the beginner runner, to the elite. There are multiple meet ups each week in multiple locations, so whether you live in the East, West, North or South there is sure to be a group near you.

If you’re a keen jogger, or would really like to give running a go then check out Park Run. With convenient locations such as Albert Park, the Maribyrnong River and Parkville, you’ll find a location close to you. Each group meets at 8am, and meets afterwards for a coffee to regroup, chat and socialise.

If running isn’t exactly your cup of tea then there are plenty of walking groups around Melbourne to take part in. The Heart Foundation has a complete database to make it easy to find a group near you and to suit your abilities. There are multiple walks that take place at different times of the week, so make sure to check out the website and register your details to stay up to date with all the details and last minute changes.

For more free events held throughout the year then check out Medibank’s Free+Active program. They provide access to free events and exercise throughout the year, including both running and walking events, as well as other group exercise and activities. Make sure to check out Medibank Free + Active Program to stay updated with events throughout Melbourne.

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