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October 14 2017News


Fritters are a perfect recipe that you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’re also extremely versatile and super easy to whip together. Our go-to combination is a vegetable fritter featuring, zucchini, corn and carrot. Feel free to substitute ingredients or try your own favourite flavour combinations. Such as Beetroot, and adding your favourite cheeses like feta or halloumi work great also! Fritters are one of those recipes you can whip together with the left overs in the fridge and scrape the last veggies together to make something super delicious.

Fritters are best served warm, fresh out of the pan. BUT, if you’re like us and need on-the-go kid friendly snacks or, to prepare lunch for the next day, they are still great cold. Add a side salad and voila! To avoid them going soggy while they cool, make sure to put them onto paper towel, and cool fully before putting them in the fridge.

one cup of carrot
one cup of zucchini
half a cup of corn
three quarter cups of plain flour
Quarter cup of finely grated parmesan
two eggs
pinch of salt and pepper

Grate one medium carrot and zucchini. Press and squeeze the grated pieces until excess water is released from the vegetables. Add fresh corn kernels (cut them straight off the cob, or use corn kernels from a jar, make sure they’re rinsed and drained well) and combine vegetables together with your hands.

Add two eggs and next add in the flour slowly, mixing as you go to make sure you don’t under or over flour. The amount of flour can vary depending on the water content of your veggies.
Lastly add the cheese, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. The mixture should bind together so that small little patties hold their shape. If the mixture is too wet, simply add small amounts of flour or add another egg if mixture is not binding well enough.

Prepare a pan with olive oil, wait until the oil is hot. Add a small round patty to the pan and then flatten it out gently with a spatula to your desired thickness. Note: Don’t make the patties too thick, as the middle will not cook through.

Flip the patty and cook on both sides until golden brown. Place cooked patty on some paper towel to absorb the excess oil and avoid sogginess as they cool.

Mixture should make approximately 5 large patties.

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