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February 25 2018News

Caramelised Mango with toasted Coconut and Macadamia.

Say hello to your new breakfast go-to, Caramelised Mango with Toasted Coconut and Macadamia. With summer nearly coming to a close, so too does the Australian mango season. So it’s time, while mangoes are still cheap and in abundance, to change your breakfast routine and add something new to the age old mango classics, and give this one a go.

While mangoes have been extremely affordable this season with a bumper crop, it’s handy that mangoes are also extremely versatile. So grab yourself one, two, a handful or even a tray of mangoes and get cracking because there are endless possibilities to try. You can freeze them, blitz them, blend them into smoothies; dry the flesh and store it for months; scoop out the flesh and eat it fresh, or slightly cook and caramelise the cheeks. Cook, you say? Yes way! This recipe for caramelised mango, is achieved by lightly charring the mango cheeks on a griddle pan. So while you don’t cook the flesh right through,(no mushy mango here,) the slight heat and sweet charred flavour is a definite winner.

Ingredients Required

1 Mango
Brown Sugar
Pure Maple Syrup
Coconut Flakes
Handful of Macadamia
Yoghurt (I prefer an unflavoured greek or natural yoghurt)


In a small non stick pan put a handful of coconut flakes, and a handful of chopped macadamias in, toast of a low heat until browned and golden. Set aside to cool.
Scoop out the cheeks of 1 Mango, and sprinkle with brown sugar on the flat side of cheek. In a preheated non stick griddle pan place the mango cheeks face down into the pan. There should be a slight sizzle as the sugar hits the pan. Leave in the pan for a 1-2 minutes until the sugar caramelises and leaves browned griddle makes on the mango surface. Before flipping it over, sprinkle more brown sugar over the curved side of the mangoes and flip. Leave again for 1-2 minutes.

Finally place the cheeks into a bowl and top with a dollop of yoghurt and finish with a sprinkle of the toasted coconut and macadamias and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. And, as simple as that you have a delicious and healthy recipe that lets you enjoy the beautiful Australian mangoes.

caramelised mango

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