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November 05 2017News, recipe of the week

The Acai Bowl

Pronounced (a-sigh-ee).

Acai bowls are quickly becoming our favourite go-to breakfast option. They are especially great for those hot summer days, where all you want is something light and refreshing.
For those unaware, an Acai bowl is essentailly a smoothie with a super thick and icey consistency. It is generally topped with berries, nuts and seeds, and eaten from a bowl.

Acai is most commonly found in frozen sachets, in which usually contain a combination of Acai berries, and other common berries. Natively grown in Central and South America, the Acai berry is a small purple berry that is extremely rich in vitmins and antioxidants. While the actual Acai berry can not available in Australia, many common grocers and supermarkets now stock Acai powder, and Acai frozen sachets. So, if you have never tried an Acai Bowl before, it’s time to jump on the band wagon and give one a go.

Check out our go-to recipe below, and if during the week you feel an Acai craving coming on, don’t forget we have an amazing Acai bowl on our menu, available to order all day long.

1 Frozen Acai Sachet
Quarter Cup of Mango
Half a banana (medium-large size)
Quarter cup of unsweetened almond milk

Simply combine all the ingredients into a blender, and blend until the mixture is smooth. The mixture should be thick and icey in consistency, however this will vary depending on the liquid content of your fruit. If the mixture is too thin, simply add ice cubes until the mixture thickens. Using frozen mango can also help achieve the correct consistency.

To finish, pour the contents into a bowl and top with your favourite berries, fruit, nuts and seeds. Our favourite topping is a combination of strawberries and a generous serve of Koja’s Fig and hazelnut Breakfast topper.

Other great toppings include blueberries, banana, green apple, chia seeds, granola, dried fruit, yoghurt and even a dollop of peanut butter.

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