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September 10 2017recipe of the week, News

A Fruity Spring!

Spring fruits feature some of our absolute favourites. Aside from the beloved Australian berries in which come into full bloom during summer, spring still offers some delicious options. Packed with vitamin C the mandarin, tangelos and oranges are still available during late winter and into early spring. Both Valencia oranges and blood oranges are amazingly sweet and juicy options, in which will help you fight the last remnants of the winter sniffles, and even help with immunity as the weather changes and the pollen count rises.
Towards the middle, and end of spring pineapple, strawberries and melons will start to appear. Fresh, Australian grown and super sweet- a complete abundance of delicious fruits, perfect for fruit salads and fruit smoothies.
Perfect for this time of year is Blood Orange and Fennel Salad. Both Blood oranges and fennel can both be found towards the end of winter and into early spring, which is why they make the perfect combination. It a few short steps, you have a delicious snack or side dish to add to any meal.
Peel one ripe blood orange, and chop one small fennel into thin finger length pieces. Drizzle with some Olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and voila, refreshing and delicious.

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Although blood oranges and other citruses won’t be in season for much longer as summer looms, it doesn’t mean a there aren’t a bountiful of delicious Australian produce to gorge on over the next few months.

Here is a Full list of fruits available throughout spring:

• blood orange
• cherry
• cumquat
• grapefruit
• honeydew
• lemon
• loquat
• lychee
• mandarin
• mango
• papaya
• pineapple
• rhubarb
• rockmelon
• seville orange
• strawberry
• tangelo
• valencia orange
• watermelon

Keep an eye out for delicious Australian local produce available at your local farmers markets, and grocers.

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