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October 07 2017News

Spring Seasonal Produce: What to eat and what to grow!

Spring is the perfect season to get stuck into new recipes featuring amazing seasonal produce. So to help you out with what produce has flourished this season, we have done a full list for you.
Ripe for the picking Spring brings a huge list of vitamin rich green vegetables, including snow peas, beans, artichokes, and every millennial’s favourite, the darling avocado. Snow peas make the perfect crunchy addition to any salad, or lightly steamed in a stir-fry. Even raw as a grab and go snack, they pack a punch full of vitamins. Spring also means broccoli is fresh and in abundance. (Try out our sumac broccoli snack recipe here )
If you love leafy greens, look no further then spinach and silverbeet, which are also in season during spring. Together they are full of the ‘good stuff’, perfect additions to vegetable slices, omelettes or even slightly wilted in olive oil and garlic- the provide the perfect accompaniment to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Now, spring isn’t all about eating (although there’s plenty of delicious vegetables to do so) -it’s also the perfect time to get into the garden. Even if you don’t consider yourself a green thumb, starting small with a few easy-to-grow seedlings, such as herbs, will allow you to grow confidence before taking on a larger patch.

Try planting chives, coriander, mint, dill or parsley. Not only do they grow easily and don’t require large amounts of space, they also grow quickly, so you can be adding them into your meals in no time! Spring onion, leek, endive and spinach are also great to grow as a beginner.

The list goes on and on. Below is the full list of what to sow and eat during spring, remember to start small and grow over time. Also growing your favourite herbs and vegetables first will help; you’ll look after them more, and appreciate the amazing flavour of home grown vegetables over store brought ones.

Stay tuned as we feature more recipes featuring delicious spring vegetables on the blog soon!

In season Produce:
• artichoke
• asparagus
• avocado
• beans
• broccoli
• carrot
• cauliflower
• leek
• lettuce
• peas
• potato
• silverbeet
• snow peas
• spinach
• sugar snap peas
• sweetcorn
• zucchini

What to grow this season:
Spring Herb, Fruit & Vegies Planting Guide by temperate zones Au

Diagram courtesy of aboutthegarden.com.au

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